When one normally thinks of the words “travel” or “holiday”, tailor-made adventure is not the first thing that comes to mind; instead we think of travel agents, holiday packages, and staycations. But while most travel companies try to compete with each other by offering the same types of generic holiday packages, Qunafa has a much bolder vision to chart a new course in the travel industry. This vision is based on the ideas that a travel experience should be rare and focus on a specific type of niche market segment with similar interests (In Qunafa’s cause, specifically active individuals looking for a unique type of adventure). 

Given this ideology, there are 4 main ways in which Qunafa empowers you to accomplish your adventurous travel desires: 

  • A Qunafa uses the active lifestyle as the looking glass

  • Qunafa offers a completely different type of travel experience than any other holiday trip; it’s focus is to help take one’s passion for adventure, cycling, and fitness into a highly curated and carefully thought out plan that allows you to explore exotic and beautiful travel destinations in a very intimate and somewhat tailored way (as you can choose your own biking paths and choose which destination you want to cycle to next). With a Qunafa experience, the journey is a part of the fun and cycling takes you there.

  • Qunafa encourages people to try something new 

  • Cliche tourist attractions are not Qunafa’s style. Offering niche experiences allows ordinary people to try a completely new type of travel experience that one may have never considered before or even have been aware was possible. This is because despite the niche focus, Qunafa is a brand that welcomes everyone who is interested in taking an adventure off the beaten path, from making fresh pasta in a tiny village in the mountains to taking dives into hidden springs. So whether you’re a first time traveler, a seasoned tourist looking for something fresh, or a cyclist looking to experience new thrills, a Qunafa experience offers something for just about everyone.

  • With Qunafa, we are all about the culture

  • While you might think biking is the only activity to enjoy at one of Qunafa’s travel experiences, there’s much more to it. As citizens of the globe, traveling with Qunafa is about exploring the ways our cultures are similar, while celebrating all the beautiful intricacies that make us different. One of the most important aspects of booking an adventure trip with Qunafa is that you get to experience new locations and cultures up close by spending time with the locals, trying out new foods, learning about traditions, and maybe even making lifelong friendships along the way. 

  • You get to chart your own course and make your adventure custom-suited to you

  • Finally, Qunafa allows you to chart your own course. The bike and the equipment you need are provided for you and you are advised to adhere to key safety instructions, but other than that, it is your own personal sandbox that is free for you to explore in any way or order you like. This is in stark contrast to regular travel packages where you are taken through a standard pre-planned route; Qunafa gives you the choice by putting you in control of the steering wheel.

    With all that being said, a Qunafa experience is something every budding traveler or adventurer should try at least once. And for many of you, we are sure that after your first experience, you will certainly want to come back for more.

    March 26, 2023 — Qunafa Travel

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