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North Sicily 2023

August 20th - 27th

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East Sicily 2023

September 3rd - 9th

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West Sicily 2023

September 10th - 17th

Best travel and trips website Qunafa
Best travel and trips website Qunafa


People are the heart of a city. With a reputation for preserving so much of their agriculture and traditions, the opportunity to speak with local natives and learn how to create authentic meals alongside them, is not the norm for travelers, but it is a crucial component to Qunafa and what we are all about. After all, a place so rich in culture and history can only be maintained by the families that exist within it; so why not see it from their eyes?

The Classic Experience

6 Nights

Mallorca 🇪🇸

North Sicily 🇮🇹

South Sicily 🇮🇹

West Sicily 🇮🇹

East Sicily 🇮🇹

Lombok 🇮🇩

The Weekend Experience

4 Nights

Madonie, Sicily 2022

Imagine being surrounded by towering mountains in the Northern region of the Sicilian Island. Madonie is home to some of the most beautiful and unexpected landscapes you will ever see.

San Francisco, California 2023

The Golden Gate Bridge, steep streets, and Alcatraz are just a few things that come to mind when we think of one of the largest cities in the United States, San Francisco!

Lake Tahoe, California 2023

Lake Tahoe is famous for its clear waters and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Find yourself taking in breathtaking views from every angle in this beautiful city.

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