In the past few years Qunafa has shaken up the travel industry through its unique offering of exotic, tailor-made adventure experiences to fitness enthusiasts and cyclists alike. We recently sat down with one of our team leaders to discuss the Qunafa experience from her perspective, why she decided to join the team, and overall, her views on travel experiences. 

Laurel joined the Qunafa team in August 2019 and had her first Qunafa trip in September 2019 to Sicily, a destination that has been, according to the interviewee, "living rent free in her head." 

One of the first questions we asked Laurel was whether she prefers nature or urban travel destinations. She shared that since she grew up in the mountains, she had a deeply instilled appreciation for natural beauty and as such would always prefer nature destinations. This was one the reasons she decided to join Qunafa since the travel brand's destinations gave her the opportunity to disconnect from the constant stress and struggles of modern life and reconnect with her adventurer for hikes in the mountains. In line with this question we also asked whether she preferred warm or cold destinations. She replied that she prefers traveling to warmer climates as she likes spending time outdoors without the worry of having to bring extra gear, clothing (jacket, gloves, hats), supplies, etc. She also stated that she appreciates being able to slow things down and take in her surroundings without feeling rushed. Qunafa's list of travel experiences offer a perfect option for people with similar preferences, especially considering cycling is much more difficult in cold climates. 

As everyone knows, traveling is not just about the destination but also the journey to get there. But without proper equipment and lack of preparation, an exciting journey can quickly turn into a difficult challenge. We asked Laurel what are her top 3 essential items she would bring along to every Qunafa trip. She started off by mentioning her Garmin GPS which she stated is necessary to "make sure I have the routes downloaded, so I know where we are going each day. I also need to make sure that any KOM/QOMs I get are captured!" The second essential item in her travel bag is her portable charger. She stated that since the Qunafa trips are in such beautiful destinations, she tends to spend a good portion of the time taking pictures & videos as she doesn’t want to miss out on capturing any breathtaking views they see. Finally, she said a swimsuit is a must have item since Qunafa has boat parties at the end of their travel experiences and she would never miss out on a chance to dive into the crystal blue waters.

We then asked her whether she would pay more for a trip that is tailor-made to her specific passions. Her answer was a resounding yes! Laurel stated tailored experiences such as the ones offered by Qunafa allows her to fully enjoy her passion of cycling in a much deeper way. Laurel further stated that "Qunafa provides a unique and unforgettable experience that I couldn’t find through a standard travel package. Additionally, tailored travel experiences allow me to maximize my time and make the most out of a trip, instead of spending hours researching and planning activities that align with my interests"  Qunafa also provides a customized itinerary of the trip, which ensures that each day of the trip for its clients is spent doing something that adventurers like Laurel actually want to be doing. 

When we asked what Laurel’s favorite Qunafa destination is she responded West Sicily, stating that its beautiful mountains provided the perfect backdrop for riding/hiking, with the clear blue waters making the views unforgettable. Laurel stated that they also made two new best friends on this trip. 

To end the interview we asked what are Laurel's personal words to live by. She stated that she greatly believes one should be saying yes to more things in life, whether that's travel, adventure, career, love, etc. She continued that it is this mentality that got her to where she is today and she is truly grateful for it.

The passion for travel displayed by Laurel throughout the interview is something that's present in every Qunafa team member and client. We are all one big family, bonding over our shared passions on this beautiful planet! 

April 11, 2023 — Qunafa Travel

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