San Francisco

" I love how effortlessly it climbs hills."

From the owner


I am absolutely thrilled with my recent bike purchase! I can't express enough how much I love how effortlessly it climbs hills. This bike is a climbing machine, and I feel like I'm conquering any ascent with ease and confidence.

Beyond its climbing prowess, the smooth and lively ride is a true game-changer. It glides on the road like a candle wax, it maintains its poise and responsiveness. The gear system is making shifting a breeze, and the braking system is incredibly responsive, providing an added sense of control and safety.

I can confidently say that this bike is the perfect companion for both on-road adventures and off-road explorations. It has quickly become an essential part of my outdoor experiences, and I'm excited to see where this bike takes me next. I couldn't have asked for a better cycling partner, and I'm already looking forward to many more memorable rides with it!