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Bikepacking Experience


Bikepacking experience and explore your favorite city or destination by bike. We provide the bike, bike bags, routes, and cycling computers, giving you all the gear you need to hit the road and go on an amazing adventure. With a minimum of 2 Days, you can discover the joy of cycling combined with the freedom of exploration. 

$369.00 USD

What is included

Bike Bags
GPX Files

What is NOT included?


Frequently asked question

Can I booked any time of the year?

Absolutely! You have the option to specify your dates and additional requests in the designated box at the top of the page that says 'Enter your Dates and additional request'.

Is it possible to request from different countries if the city or country is not on the provided list?

If you are thinking about a city, it is possible to consider the countries we have specified earlier. Regarding the expansion of our services to more countries, we are putting in continuous efforts. Nevertheless, if the country you desire is not included above and you would like to explore options within European countries, please get in touch with us by sending an email to:

Can I request different bikes?

Absolutely! At the moment, we offer road bikes and gravel bikes. If you have any particular requests, please make sure to mention them in the additional request section. If no specifications are given, we'll automatically provide you with a road bike.

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