Cycling is one of the most renowned outdoor sports in the world, beloved by both professional athletes and casual outgoers alike. It provides one an opportunity to experience travel from a completely different and more meaningful perspective while simultaneously offering numerous health benefits. But while it may seem like a “simple” sports activity, cycling is actually a great test of one’s endurance and stamina - which is why many beginners face difficulty in completing long distance bike trails. 

Fortunately, with a long distance biking experience with Qunafa, you are rewarded with beautiful scenery and views. There are a few ways to conserve your energy and ensure you’re able to do long distance cycling as a beginner:

  • Pre-cycling warm up
  • Just like with any regular sport or gym session, it is important to have a light 15 minute warm-up to increase your body temperature and metabolic rate. This ensures your body is primed and prepared for long distances.

  • Proper posture 
  • As children, parents always told us to maintain an upright posture, and this advice applies even to cycling. When cycling, it is advised to keep changing your posture from time to time to avoid fatigue. For beginners, the upright sitting position is the most suitable. (As most bicycles have handles that are slightly above the saddle/seat). 

  • Proper breathing techniques
  • One of the keys to endurance in any sport is proper breathing techniques to ensure that your body is receiving enough oxygen, and cycling is no different. The proper way to breathe during cycling is as follows:

    • First breathe in through your nose
    • Push your stomach out as you inhale
    • Finally, exhale through your mouth while relaxing your body

  • Wearing proper cycling clothing 
  • It is natural to sweat during cycling, especially in a hot climate so the right clothing is essential to avoid early fatigue and discomfort. Cycling clothes are windproof, lightweight, and breathable, which ensures comfort, which is important for long distance cycling.

  • Eating More carbs 
  • Carbs get a bad reputation in the fitness community, but if you’re not properly fueled, you won't last long on a tough biking trail. It is best to eat foods rich in carbs like dry fruits, bananas, bread, milk, potatoes etc. This ensures your body has a sufficient amount of fuel for your body, brain and blood cells. 

  • Take breaks and refuel with water 
  • The best way to maintain energy in a long biking trail is to take regular brief breaks and drink enough water (ideally 350 – 500 ml every 30 minutes); break down your long trek into equal increments or “pit-stops”

    Join us for a Qunafa experience, while biking with others that have similar passions and interests, and make your first long distance biking ride a rewarding one!

    PS: You get to use an exclusive Qunafa bike!


    February 27, 2023 — Qunafa Travel

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