The desire for adventure beats deep within the heart of every human. Since the earliest civilizations, mankind has sought to seek out new paths to conquer and new stories to tell of these conquests that can be passed down through the pages of our history books. In today’s world, adventure travel has become the most accessible way for us to tell similarly great stories, some of which might even become worthy of being published.

For a biker their tales of exploration are closely intertwined with the bikes they ride, since this is the key tool that takes them throughout their entire journey. 

If you’re a biking adventurer at heart and you are looking for the perfect lightweight Titanium frame bike, which is easy to maneuver and perfect for both road and off-road adventures, look no further than our all new “Shahrazad” bike inspired by the female character of the same name in the popular Middle Eastern collection of tales known as 1001 Nights.

Currently, the bike is available for rent in our Sicily experiences. Built with durability and comfort in mind, and with the sizes ranging from 48 cm to  62 cm, “Shahrazad” is the perfect companion for any expedition. 

At Qunafa, we believe that every journey should be unforgettable and one for the books , which is why we set out on this project to ensure that all our clients can enjoy the promise of endless adventures with a companion that evokes the spirit of the storyteller. 


PS: We have limited bikes available in production, so make sure to lock in this innovative and game-changing bike, leaving nothing but memories in its wake and potential in its path. Sign up now - 

February 27, 2023 — Qunafa Travel

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